Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you give me an overview of the club?

Amateur Chamber Players is a student music club at the University of Wisconsin РMadison. Our mission is to guide the formation of chamber ensembles among club members. We provide a comfortable social environment to explore and play music, as well as performance opportunities and practice space.

  • How do I join?

Hop on our mailing list by registering here with your name and email. Every semester, we will also be present at the Student Org Fair at the Kohl Center – come stop by our table and say hi. It’s that simple!

  • What are the requirements to join?

There are no requirements besides being able to play an instrument. Any level of musicianship is allowed, and we will try to match you with others of your skill level. We also recommend being able to have at least one hour a week to set aside and practice with your group.

  • How do groups work?

At the beginning of the semester, after an initial meeting, we will compile a list of everyone in the club and begin sorting everyone into groups. You will have some say in what type of group you are in, and we will do our best to respect these requests. Most musicians will be in a group of 2-5 people, of varying instrumentation, such as string quartets, clarinet trios, etc.

  • How do we pick music?

This step is left up to the group members. If you need assistance with the library system, we will be glad to help. When picking music, be sure to keep in mind the skill level of your group members, instrumentation (and key – many winds are not in the key of concert C, and thus cannot necessarily play string parts without transposition), and style. Chamber music is preferred. For some ideas, the UW Library site here. Search a basic idea of what you want, and narrow it down to selections from Mills Music Library (located within Memorial Library). When you have a good idea of a few pieces you would like to try, head over to Mills and check out the songs. It’s a good idea to spend a rehearsal with your group playing through a few songs and picking one that everyone likes.

  • How do I rehearse?

This is entirely up to you. For many groups, rehearsing once a week for an hour or two is plenty of time. Keep in mind that consistent rehearsing is key to a good performance. Many dorms have practice rooms, and there are also practice rooms available for rent through the Music Department in Humanities.

  • We’re all ready for our concert! How do performances work?

The club will organize performances for you. The number of performances varies per semester, but there will always be at least one, and usually at least another smaller concert for those who want performing experience. These will be announced as early as possible, to give you time to schedule around them. Simply let us know you’re coming, and we’ll give you a performance time. These performances tend to be pretty low-key – bring your friends!



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  1. This club is AWSOME!! This is the club that I want, because I always wanna play music instrument with other people who have the same passion about music!!

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